Can you see your financial picture clearly?
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Will I outlive my money?

Are my investments aligned with my
long term goals?

Am I taking advantage of
tax and estate planning strategies?

How should I handle investments in my
employer-sponsored retirement plan or
for my employees?



Clients choose us because financial planning requires a significant amount of time, energy and resources to manage.
We listen carefully to our clients, their questions, their dreams and their concerns. 

Using advanced techniques and what-if scenarios, we craft a plan that represents their life's journey.
As circumstances change, financial planning needs will change too.
Throughout the implementation process, we guide, monitor, measure and celebrate our accomplishments together.

Our financial planning services are designed to allow you to choose what best suits your needs.  

Make sure your plan gets the proper attention and detail it deserves.

Basic Financial Plan  Ideal for clients who are newly married or starting a business. We help you prioritize and create a plan of action to optimize your assets. Let us get your future started on the right financial track.

Targeted Planning Strategies  This option allows you to focus on areas most important should you need specific answers to unforeseen financial circumstances.

Comprehensive Financial Plan  This broad plan incorporates the appropriate single-scenario services, as well as an ongoing detailed analysis of all facets of your financial situation including investment management, cash flow, debt structure analysis, education, healthcare planning, risk protection, tax minimization and estate conservation. This in-depth planning process will drill down to specific strategies, tactics and financial solutions. We will collectively monitor our progress online in addition to our scheduled review meetings.


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Regardless of what the future holds, you can have confidence in your Plan from 
Freedom Financial Planning.